The location for JC Care should be surrounded with a populated area. More people, More business.

It takes thirty days approximately to make a JC Care outlet ready for business.

A commercial space of 200 square feet (Approximately) is required for a JC Care.

A low investment of up to One Lakh Fifty Thousand Rupees is required for a JC Care.

Yes, a JC Care is provided with the rights for direct selling of products and direct delivery of services.

Yes, we train our franchisee and transfer the complete know-how for sustaining a successful JC Care. Our training process is ongoing and it is updated and provided time-to-time as and when required.

Anyone fulfilling the minimum requirements can become the retailer of JC genetics, but ideally the person should have necessary field knowledge.
For Example – A Vegetable Vendor should not be approached for JC Genetics.

Could I sell this product in institute (school/colleges) or not?

It is post-test charges for counselling the report and recommendations.

It is post-test charges for counselling the report and recommendations.

Is there any variation in commission in case of combo test package?

Saliva will not be used after one-time test, but we collect raw data from the laboratory partner and keep it with us for future reference.

Yes, the customer can buy products online directly and it will not be a loss for sales team, but it will be treated as a lead for sales team. Sales team will be notified about the lead according to the location. And the assigned sales person is expected to respond to customer within 24 hours of notification.

It takes 4 to 6 weeks and the customer will be notified by email and mobile to engage them meanwhile. And final notification of report availability will also be sent to the customer.

The customer can pay online medium like banks, payment gateways etc. for any products/services.

Is there any possibility of refund after the order is placed by the customer?

Yes, the first copy products can be sold but there should be an agreement with the merchant regarding the product authentication terms.

The domain name will be selected by the e-retailer and the domain name will be allotted according to the availability. The available domain options will also be provided to the e-retailers for reference.

Yes, JC Care owner can purchase the stock and sell it on the website.

We will provide online chat support to customers and nearest JC Care outlet will also support the customers.

Yes, it will be provided according to the requirements of e-retailer on paid basis.

Yes, the policy exists and moreover, the concerned team will look into the complaint and respond in appropriate manner.

Product billing will be done on the name of

Yes, there will be charges to change the product category and it will be done after one to one discussion with the concerned team of

Yes, this is possible, but the manufacturer should have agreement with A2Z.sales before providing their services to e-retailers of

List of hospital is available on the website of concerned insurance providers.

Is any diseased person get the benefits of insurance?

Yes, it will be handled with concern service providers, including NPCI and UIDAI.

Holding of agent will be with retailer.

It will be according to RBI policy (Typically it is 2 to 7 days).

The concerned team will provide the technical support through the network.